Our Collections – Bhanunibyjyoti


A Sunkissed Tale

Wander down the path of unconventional color palettes and arresting compositions. These drapes are a portrayal of magical silhouettes and grandeur. An Eternal Romance is a melange of bohemian and opulent apparels.


Encapsulates the spirit of summer

Salty, sun kissed skin and endless days spent by the sea. This bohemian moment in time influences the colors and prints with large scale wallpaper florals and vintage stripe prints that speak to the carefree tone of the collection.


Journey to the Grasslands

The rhapsodic luminescence of Reis Meadow is intuitive and everlasting. Emerged from culturally rich workmanship, these ensembles illustrate love and finesse. The gorgeous intricacies and unique color story set these urbane pieces apart.

Magical Moments & Precious Pieces

This easy feminine collection brings down strikingly hues compositions which portray a dream girl energy with dramatic style designed exclusively for a Bhanuni [A Charming Woman].


the small, precise details that make one unique

The fresh colors & motifs of the ensemble are inspired from the fresh morning glory.


Jewel of the Sea

The calmness and beauty of the seawater is seized within this collection. Cordelia encapsulates heterogeneous elements and its ensembles are accentuated with intricate and delicate craftsmanship.


Plunge into Serenity

It is a blooming paradise that renders an image of new and virtual expression of an alluring lady.
Explore a range of subtle nuances of modern artistry.