Skin Whitening Treatment: Useful Tips & Recipes

Complexion is of the highest importance for providing the general impression of a well-cared-for, light appearance. For that very reason, at some time one may be keen on skin lightening to have a consistent coloring, looking healthy and elegant. Turns out, this can be easily done even at home.

facial skin lightening

It’s worth mentioning that the skin-whitening products must be used with great care to prevent allergy or facial skin irritation.
The plan:

  1. Potential Reasons Why the Skin may Darken
  2. At-Home Whitening Tips
  3. How to Choose Skin-Lightening Cosmetics
  4. Methods of At-Home Skin Lightening
  5. Recipes for Homemade Masks & Lotions 

Potential Reasons Why the Skin may Darken

The inborn reason — is skin pigmentation. But it’s more common that skin darkening is associated with the following factors:

  • Hormonal changes — they result in appearing of pigmentation skin. For example, macules that pregnant women and the aged people have.
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Vitaminic imbalance
  • Longtime use of some medical drugs
  • High level of UV irradiation

If you face any of these problems, start searching for high-quality lightening products, suitable for your skin type. To assist your in skin lightening, we’ll tell you about the nuances and peculiarities of carrying out the procedure at home. Moreover, we will share proven recipes for making skin-lightening masks and lotions at home.

At-Home Whitening Tips

By following these tips; be sure to have the maximum effect from the skin-lightening treatment:

woman with a green face mask

  1. Skin whitening masks should be applied for the night: you will get a better effect as going outside may bring all the treatment results to naught.
  2. Choose only the recipes, containing the tested ingredients familiar to your skin. To prevent an occurrence of an allergy, make sure to test skin whitening home remedies on your wrist or behind an ear. If there is no reaction, you can apply the prepared mixture on your face.
  3. For such masks that contain rather highly active ingredients, it’s advisable for those, with sensitive skin, not to take a risk and find other ways for skin lightening.
  4. Products need to be applied onto steamed, cleansed skin after taking bath and scrubbing.
  5. Application time — starting from 15 minutes up to half an hour.
  6. After washing off the mask, apply lightening facial cream — either bought already-made or homemade.
  7. The masks can be repeatedly applied no more than twice in 6-7 days. The complete course of treatment is 6-7 masks.

Usually, after the first several treatments the skin becomes lighter and full of beauty and youth. As homemade masks not only lighten but nourish and take gentle care of your skin as well.

How to Choose Skin-Lightening Cosmetics

Ready-made cosmetics can also provide some assistance in skin lightening. As only certain components of these creams possess the lightening properties, it’s essential to make sure that they are included in the chosen product before buying it. To be effective, a cream should contain:

  1. Hydroquinone. Its working principle is that it restrains an activity of melanocytes. This ingredient may produce certain side-effects, so it shouldn’t be abused. If after using a cream containing hydroquinone for several months, your skin hasn’t become lighter, you should stop using it.
  2. Arbutin. The main source of this ingredient is bearberry, so check whether the cream contains this or not. The effect of this component is similar to hydroquinone, but arbutin doesn’t cause any side-effects!
  3. Beta-carotene. It neutralizes tyrosinase receptors in melanocytes and they stop producing melanin.
  4. Glycolic acid. It provides faster natural renewal of the skin.
  5. Tretinol. It stimulates cells renewal and speeds up skin scaling. It may cause skin sloughing if used often.

Remember that whitening skin cream should contain fruit acids and natural components, which is sparing in the amount but effective in action.

Methods of At-Home Skin Lightening

For skin lightening at home, you will need herbs (both fresh and dry), essential oils and common food products. There is a number of time-proven treatments and methods to correct the complexion and make it light, smooth and attractive. You can try various methods and chose one, producing the maximum effect on your skin.

1. Compresses

A lightning compress — is gauze fabric, heavily soaked with an active substance (sour milk, herbal infusion, lemon juice and so on) and applied on the face for 10–15 minutes. Compresses can be made twice a week.

2. Natural Lotions

A natural lotion can be made, using the leaves of rosa centifolia, tangerines, walnuts. Aloe juice can be used as well. You can wipe your face twice a day with the infusion of these plants — it won’t take long to see results.

3. Lightening Masks

Homemade masks lighten the skin quickly and effectively. They are easy to prepare, produce an almost immediate effect and provide stunning results.

4. Essential Oils

You may add 3–4 drops of anti-pigmental essential oils into lightening products: oregano, turmeric, mint, patchouli, black pepper, rosemary, sandal or eucalyptus.

5. L-glutathione

Glutathione is available in tablet form and in the form of creams. In your case, it is advisable to use a cream that will work on a particular area of the skin.

Recipes for Homemade Masks & Lotions

ingredients for homemade whitening masks

1. Berry Compress

Force juice out of strawberries or raspberries, soak a gauze in it and apply to the skin for 15 minutes.

2. Berry & Honey Mask

Mix strawberry pulp (2 tablespoons) with honey (1 teaspoon).

3. Parsley Mask

Grind parsley, mix (2 tablespoons) with natural honey (1 tablespoon) and lemon juice (1 teaspoon).

4. Sour Milk Mask

Mix 2 tablespoons of sour milk with 1 tablespoon of lemon pulp. Apply the mask for 10-15 minutes and rinse well with warm water.

5. Cucumber Mask

Grate a cucumber, mix (2 tablespoons) with the equal amount of ground parsley and sour milk (1 tablespoon), add lemon juice (1 teaspoon).

6. Lotions

Force juice out of horseradish, dilute with cold water in the ratio 1:1. The same way you can lighten the skin with lemon juice. Such lotions are contraindicative for a sensitive and dry skin type.

7. A Multicomponent Lotion

Mix lemon juice (1 tablespoon) with milk (half a glass), vodka (2 tablespoons) and sugar (1 teaspoon).

Now you know how to whiten your skin at home. After applying these effective lightening products, your skin will be lighter and full of health.

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