How to Make Your Face Less Oily

How to determine, that you have oily skin?
Very simple- the skin is rough, shiny, oily, and muddy in color and as per its texture resembles an Orange. Sebum, when excreted in abundance, combines with dead cells of the epidermis and obstructs the openings of the sebaceous glands. These are also known as “Black Heads” and if not taken care might convert to acne.

oil skin care routine

To Start, Remember Three Golden Rules to Care for Oily Skin:

1. Oily skin needs more frequent cleansing than normal and dry skin. Cleaning should be done at least three times a day with a special cleaning agent.

2. Makeup should be removed in evening, but not soap in any case. It is better to use a soft lotion with nourishing effect. These lotions tone the skin, increase blood circulation and improve the skin texture.

3. It is not necessary to moisten the skin, but it is advisable to use a non-oily moisturizing agent, such as night-cream.
Now let’s discuss about the reasons, why the skin becomes oily and choose for you a daily care.

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