How to Make Your Face Less Oily

How to determine if you have oily skin?
Very simple- the skin is rough, shiny, oily, and muddy in color and as per its texture resembles an Orange. Sebum, when excreted in abundance, combines with dead cells of the epidermis and obstructs the openings of the sebaceous glands. These are also known as “Black Heads” and if not taken care might convert to acne.

oil skin care routine

To Start, Remember Three Golden Rules to Care for Oily Skin:

1. Oily skin needs more frequent cleansing than normal and dry skin. Cleaning should be done at least three times a day with a special cleaning agent.

2. Makeup should be removed in evening, but not soap in any case. It is better to use a soft lotion with nourishing effect. These lotions tone the skin, increase blood circulation and improve the skin texture.

3. It is not necessary to moisten the skin, but it is advisable to use a non-oily moisturizing agent, such as night-cream.
Now let’s discuss the reasons, why the skin becomes oily and create a daily skincare routine.

Reasons of Excessively Oily Skinoily skin treatment

Main reasons why the sebaceous glands work redundantly:

1. Hormonal Disorder

90% teenagers suffer from this problem. This is due to increased hormonal activity, and it normalizes after the age of 16-17. If you have already crossed adolescence and your skin still needs extra care, then it’s better to consult a specialist to find out the reasons. Consultation may be taken from cosmetologist, gynecologist or endocrinologist.

2. Pregnancy

Bearing a child is a huge stress for the organism. During pregnancy hormones caper, and as a result, the skin becomes glossy. Due to this imbalance of hormones, skin problems arise.

3. Fatty & Spicy Food

It is advised to keep your diet under control and check. Too much spicy and oily food should be avoided, as they have an adverse effect on the organism.

4. Oral contraceptives

When you start using contraceptives, the body also reacts in the same manner. You may not only get an oily skin but gain excess weight also.

5. Incorrect Choice & Use of Cosmetics

You should opt for gel, creams, and lotions etc., meant for oily skin. Do not go for cosmetic oils and its substitutes, even if they tempt you.

6. Misuse of Decorative Cosmetics

There is no need to use extra cosmetic items, just to hide the real condition of the skin. First of all, foundation creams last only for 5-6 hours on oily skin, secondly it will be better to care for your skin from the beginning, rather than use useless decorative cosmetics. Therefore, use of additional cosmetics should be avoided.

7. Heredity

Oily skin can sometimes be due to some heredity factors.

8. Stress

As seen in some cases stress may be a cause for greasy skin. So keep cool and try to keep your nerves under control.

Proper Way to Care for Oily Skin

oily skin care

Most important for greasy skin is to clean it with particular cleansing agents, which normalizes the functionality of sebaceous glands and increases its immunity to fight different infections.

As described earlier that, oily skin should be cleaned thrice daily. Any sort of skin cleaner is suitable and the water should not be hard. After cleaning your skin, you can wash with cold water added with little vinegar or lemon.

For greasy skin compress and steam bath is also suitable. Oats and fermented milk can be used as a cleanser in morning and evening. After cleansing it is necessary to apply moisturizing lotion, skin tonic or strong brew of tea.

Moisturizing and nourishing creams help the skin look healthier. It is recommended to use cleansing and vitalizing masks few times a week. If you have very porous skin, which is prone to infection, washing with cold tea is advised.

For bigger spores, application of cream & water with lemon juice or cucumber is recommended. Similarly, protein mask added with lemon juice or cucumber can be used, and instead of using simple water use raw milk (unboiled).
During the day time, we suggest following skin care

Morning Care for Oily Skin

morning face washing

1. In the beginning wash your face with cold water, which tones the skin. Remember that warm water stimulates sebaceous gland cells. In general use any gel or foam, which is easily soluble in water and meant for oily skin care. Ordinary toilet soap dries and stretches the skin; therefore it’s categorically not recommended.

2. Wipe your skin with a compressing (constringent) tonic. Such tonics, removes the dirt from the skin, soothe it and prepares it for further application of makeup. For greasy skin, prone to blackheads, pimples you may use tonic containing alcohol, which nicely dries the problematic area.

3. Apply moisturizing cream with a minimum content of fatty substances, especially oil. If you already have pimples on the skin, they should be properly treated with a solution containing salicylic acid and peroxides. Benzoyl peroxide 5-10% concentration is optimal for use.

4. Before leaving the house, apply *SPF-protection cream. This can be different items- foundation cream, simple cream, or powder. The only thing to remember is, apply SPF-protection cream at last because if it will be below other creams, it won’t work. If you don’t protect yourself from the sun, all the other agents applied on the skin will be a waste, because rays of the sun are capable of photo aging of the skin. The contents of sun protection cream should consist of zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Mexoryl SX.

Caring for Oily Skin Throughout the Day

oily skin dayly care

1. Special napkins (wipes) are available in the market, with the help of which you can clean your face and remove the glossy (oily) shine. These napkins do not damage your makeup; they only remove excess oil (sebum) from your face. It is always advised to powder the “T-Zone” i.e. forehead, nose, & chin. The powder should contain minerals because only they are able to remove the glossy shine from the oily skin. Deep cleansing is recommended once or twice a week.

2. The most important care for oily skin is its deep cleansing. For such types of skin, scrubs containing traces of fruits, pine shells, apricot kernels, etc. are very useful. After such procedures your skin becomes silky and smooth, but, sometimes you may get scratches because of micro particles of the scrub. If you have a sensitive skin, then use scrubs containing artificial granules. Peeling should not be done once or twice a week, otherwise, the skin will worsen. You should use scrubs in the evening when you are not going to go outside. This also helps in protecting your skin from sun, wind, and dust.

3. For people above 25 years of age, the best way for skin rejuvenation is peeling, with the inclusion of AH acids (Alpha-hydroxy acids). This method is also known as AH peels. These days, this method happens to be the most significant way of; getting rid of dead skin cells, for stimulating the process of new cell formation, rejuvenation of skin and removing wrinkles of the face. At home you can do this peeling with a solution of fruity acids, having a concentration not more than 15-20%, and for not more than twice a week. For higher parameters, you have to contact a specialist or go to a cosmetic salon.

4. For a mask cleansing, the best options would be masks of clay, dirt, or mud. The membranous mask is applied to the face and removed only when it has dried. When you remove the mask, the dirt particles, dust, dead cells and excess sebum are also removed from the skin. Such masks contain medicinal herbs and compressing agents. It is advised to use this procedure two times a week. Similarly, masks with constricting effect can be used, which moisturizes and soothes your greasy skin.

5. Do not use so called “heave creams”, they will clog pores and cause pimples. So choose creams with a light texture for only oil skin. If you have dark spots and want to get rid of them, for this purpose read our best fairness cream for oily skin review.

Evening Care for Greasy Skin

night skin care

1. First of all, you have to remove all the dirt and makeup from your face using a makeup remover or foam/gel for cleaning.

2. Then apply night cream. If wrinkles are present, then the cream should contain “Retinol”, which nicely refreshes, cleans, brightens and makes your skin look younger. Special serums having vitamins is also not a bad option. Such serums are available in many brands, but you have to go for the one for oily skin.

Mistakes in Caring for Oily Skin

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Still have greasy skin?

First Mistake – Using Soap to Wash Your Face

This is not suggested, as removing excess oil and glossy shine from the face using toilet soap, the result is usually negative. On using such a potent agent, the skin tries to recover the fat and excretes more sebum, which covers the face.

Our suggestion: it’s better to frequently use soft and gentle agents. If you have enough time, clean your face three times a day. For cleaning, the best will be a lotion especially meant for oily skin. Such items have anti-bacterial properties, which prevent from inflammation and clogging of pores.

Second Mistake – Regular Squeezing of Pimples

Pimple itself is a plug of dead cells and sebum. They block the exit of sebum. A serious inflammation can take place as a result of a tiny pimple.

Our advice: Remove blackheads not more than once a week. Most important- do it correctly. First, soften your skin with a steam bath and medicinal herbs. Then with the help of a gauze or cosmetic cotton press the area around the pimple to expel it. Then use an antiseptic solution to clean your face.

The Third Mistake – Being Aware of the Appearance of Blackheads

Having a constant feeling of pimples may lead to stress. As we all know that, under stress conditions, our organism has a negative effect.

Our advice: Do not pay attention to pimples. Be cool and casual, forget about them. If you have any doubts, consult a doctor.

Fourth Mistake – Consuming Medicines, which Stimulate Secretion of Sebaceous Glands

Many pharmaceutical preparations are a cause for pimples. Medicines containing Vitamin B and Iodine are one of them.

Our opinion: check all the medicines, which you are taking. If a doctor prescribes you, ask for the adverse effects of the medicine on the skin.

Fifth Mistake – Peeling your Skin Daily

Regular peeling is advisable for persons having oily skin because it removes the dead cells and cleans the skin. But, there are few women, who do peeling on a daily basis. Peeling your epidermis every day can have a negative effect. The skin starts to secrete more sebum and becomes greasier.

Our suggestion: Peeling should be done 2-3 times a week. After the skin has been cleaned, apply a nourishing cream. The maximum effect you will get on a dry skin. One point is to be noted that, if you have inflammation or blackheads, do not do peeling, as after this procedure your skin will become rougher and this will hamper the process of healing.

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