How to Remove Pigmentation Home Remedies

Hyperpigmentation of the skin, caused by uneven spreading of melanin causes the skin to become darker in some places. Women over the age of 40 are often worried about increased pigmentation, which can occur during pregnancy and lactation due to hormonal changes during this period of time. It’s understandable why many women want to know how to get rid of it effectively.

You can choose to use pigmentation removal cream or decide to carry out a series of effective natural remedies to carry out pigmentation treatment at home. So to answer the question of how to remove pigmentation from face permanently it’s important to note that both natural remedies and pigmentation removal cream will do the job perfectly fine when applied regularly. Proven natural recipes are listed further down in this article but you can also use the best lightening cream for an effective treatment. A lightening cream has a longer shelf life compared to natural remedies as it doesn’t have to be prepared fresh, each time it needs to be used. It’s good to have options in any case and for this situation, you can effectively choose whether to treat hyperpigmentation at home with natural remedies or a pigmentation removal cream.

remedies for pigmented skin

There are many known home remedies, with the help of which you can reduce pigmented spots (masks, embrocation, decoctions, peels, etc.) But, to have the maximum effect, you should regularly practice these procedures at-home for 2-3 weeks.
In this article you will find:

  1. Five Prescriptions of Lemon for Pigment Spots
  2. Three Parsley Based Prescripts
  3. Five Domestic Prescriptions of Different Products Available in Every Kitchen
  4. Three Bleaching Agents from Cosmetic Clay
  5. Three Pharmaceutical Agents to Reduce Pigment Spots

Five Recipes of Lemon for Pigment Spots

lemon masks for pigment spots

1. Decoction of Lemon Skin

Japanese women have been always known for their delicate pale faces. Lemon – a commonly found fruit has helped them with this. Broth from lemon zest can whiten even the darkest spots on the spine, remove stretch marks during pregnancy and especially unaesthetic nevi (moles).

Preparation: Peel one lemon and boil the zest for approximately 30 minutes over moderate heat. Let it cool down and place the prepared decoction in a cool place. Wipe the affected area three times a day with a help of a sponge.

2. Decoction of Parsley and Lemon

Boil dry root of parsley and keep it aside in a dark place for one day. You can use this infusion directly or mix it with the juice of one lemon. Wipe the affected area three times a day with a help of a sponge.

3. Mask of Potato Starch & Lemon

Depending upon the concentration and number of pigmented spots,  ½ tablespoon of potato starch and mix it with lemon juice to a thick consistency. Apply it on the face and leave it for 30 minutes.

4. Tonic of Lemon Juice

In a glass of water dissolve 3 tablespoons of lemon extract (juice). Apply to clean face & do not wash. Use this infusion three times a day for a week. By the end of the week, you shall find that pigmented spots are less noticeable.

5. Egg Mask with Lemon

This bleacher can be prepared on the base of a nourishing egg mask for the face. Add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and  ½ glass of water. Mix well until it is of a consistent texture. Apply it on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. This method helps to open and cleanse the pores.

Three Parsley Based Prescripts

parsley mask for pigmented skin

1. Universal Mask of Parsley

This mask is made on choice from stems, leaves or from the roots of parsley. The selected part is thoroughly grated in a wooden vessel until the concentration is uniform. Apply it on the face and leave for 30 minutes. Then, wash your face and apply skin cream.

2. Nourishing Mask of Honey and Parsley

The base is the same as above (Universal mask of parsley), but 1 teaspoon of honey is added to the mixture. Mix the contents throughly and apply it on your face, hands or spine. This mixture also helps in getting rid of “Black heads” on the face.

3. Parsley Mask for Dry Skin

Reducing pigment spots on dry skin is a very precise process. Subtle and delicate dry skin of face cannot tolerate chemical reaction, that’s why it’s necessary to treat it with gentle domestic means.

Grated parsley is mixed with 1 tablespoon of sour cream or fatty cream. Apply and leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it carefully. With this process, a person with delicate skin can remove wrinkles from the forehead.

Five Domestic Prescriptions of Different Products Available in Every Kitchen

homemade masks for dark spots

1. Fundamental Mask of Cucumber

For women who want to save their time, there’s a fast and effective prescription. Crush 1 cucumber (grated and milled in a blender) and mixed with nourishing cream, till consistent. Apply the mask to the face and leave for 30 minutes, then wash with warm water. Besides pigmented spots, the cucumber mask also helps in removing pimples from the back, which happens to be a very unpleasant and common phenomenon.

2. Fermented Mask from Lemon and Milk

An excellent domestic prescription is a consistent mixture of 1 teaspoon of fresh yeast, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon of milk. Keep the mixture in a warm place so that it starts fermenting. Apply it on your face and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash with warm water. This procedure can be done 2-3 times per week.

3. Reduce Pigmented Spots with an Almond Peeling

This is a wonderful creation of the cosmetic industry, it not only helps in fighting deep wrinkle, but also helps to remove “Periorbital edema” commonly known as “bags” underneath the eyes. This remedy whitens the skin and effectively removes dark spots. It’s an easily available, affordable method.

The almond peeling mixture can be prepared at home. Mix chopped and crushed almonds with oat flour (ratio 1:1 tablespoons) and  ½ tablespoon of milk powder. Add water till the mixture is as thick as cream. With a sponge apply and massage gently on your face for 5 minutes. Wash off thoroughly. To be used not more than twice a week.

4. Almond – Apple Peeling

This is a slight modification of the above prescription (Almond Peeling) and the almond – apple peeling will not only whiten your skin, but you shall receive all the good qualities of this prescription. The base of the recipe is same as above, except, only one fresh grated apple is added. The recommendation for applying is also the same.

Contradictions of almond peeling:

  • Mechanical damage to skin
  • Allergy to nuts
  • Hyper-sensitivity to almond oil

5. Extract of Cucumber Skin

Mix grated cucumber skin with a glass of vodka. Blend until it is of a uniform consistency and keep it closed in a dark place. Let it stand for 1 week, and then you shall have an excellent bleaching lotion for your face.

Three Bleaching Agents from Cosmetic Clay

Сlay facial mask for pigment spots

1. Mask of Blue Mud

Mix the dry paste with water in ratio of 1:2. Before applying do not forget to use a nourishing cream for sensitive skin. Apply the paste and leave it for 40 minutes. Wash with warm water without using soap.

Regular use of this paste will help in not only in whitening of freckles, birth-marks, and other problems, but also removes stretch marks, visible marks after delivery and improves uplifting of sagging skin.

2. Nourishing Mask of Blue Clay and Egg

After preparing this mask it should be applied immediately. This paste should not stay for a long time. Beat 1 egg white with sugar until you have a thick greasy paste. Add 10-15 gm blue mud and make the mixture homogeneous. Apply a dense layer of paste to your face and leave for 30-40minutes. This mask is suitable for everyday use.

3. Kaolin Mixture

White mud (Kaolin) is as useful as blue clay. Prescription of the paste:  ½ tablespoon of clay & 1 tablespoon of lemon juice mixed properly till consistent. Apply on the skin for 25-30 minutes and wash.

White mud can be mixed with other liquids, e.g. cabbage juice, sour milk, Hydrogen Peroxide and juice of black currant.

Three Pharmaceutical Agents to Reduce Pigment Spots

dark spots on a face

1. Hydrogen Peroxide + Boric Alcohol for a Quick Effect

Hydrogen peroxide not only bleaches hair. For the cosmetic purpose, you need 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, 2 teaspoons of boric alcohol and 1 teaspoon liquid ammonia. The mixture can be applied to the skin 3-4 times a day. Be careful applying the solution, ensure the liquid does not touch your eyes.

2. Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerin for Dry Skin

Mix 1 portion of glycerin and peroxide as previous prescription and add boric alcohol. Wipe your skin with this concoction several times a day. This mixture also removes spots near the bikini area.

3. For Oily Skin – Mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Spirit (Rubbing alcohol)

Mix thoroughly 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 2 teaspoons of peroxide and 1 teaspoon of alcohol and apply it on the face. This mixture removes pigment spots and helps remove the shiny sheen of oily skin.
Before you attempting to get rid of pigmented spots with the help of bleaching agents, it’s necessary to find out the cause. These pigment spots may appear due to internal problems of the body and as well as external factors.

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