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Homemade Masks for Dandruff

How do you think, where you can find the ingredients for a good mask to get rid of dandruff? No, wrong. Not in the medicine chest, and not in the bathroom. In the kitchen!

Homemade Recipes for Dandruff

Almost everyone knows what is dandruff. If your scalp is prone to dandruff, you can use these home recipes as preventive measures or as treatment. It depends.

Review of Top 9 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 2017

There is a bunch of manufacturers providing anti-dandruff shampoos, which promise you fast visible results. But don’t be hasty. There are lots of shampoos containing harmful chemicals which can actually cause more harm than good. After reading this article, you will have the knowledge to distinguish a good shampoo from a bad one yourself…

The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

Do you see wisps of hair on the comb after each brushing? Why? There are many possible causes. In this article, we will tell you about common causes of hair loss and how to remove them.

The Most Common Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff can cause a lot of inconvenience to you like white flakes on dark clothes, constant itching and burning… To get rid of it, first of all, you should know causes of dandruff.

How to Use Oils for Hair Protection and Repair

You may not believe it, but the simple use of oils can boost your hair growth significantly. In this article, you will find out what kind of oils can be used and how to apply them to make it healthier and stronger. You can simply use the oils alone or any of the recipes we will share with you, mix a beneficial oil with a few other natural ingredients you probably have at home…

Home Remedies for Boosting Hair Growth

Are you completely tired of expensive cosmetics and procedures for hair growth that do not work? Well, this article will tell you how to boost your hair growth with simple home remedies.

How to Choose the Best Hair Growth and Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Many manufacturers supply shampoos and products promising that their product will provide a fast and visible result with hair growth. Are they all as good as they claim to be? In this article, we will clarify what you need to know to distinguish a shampoo of high quality from a budget one…

Proper Nutrition for Hair Growth

Have you ever thought that only one product in your ration can significantly change your health status, for better or for worse. The proper nutrition can really boost hair growth, just include next products in your daily menu.

Vitamins and Other Micronutrients for Hair Growth

Did you know there are crucial vitamins your hair needs to grow long, strong healthy hair? In this article, we will go over the nutrients needed to make this possible and some recommendations on brilliant products. Vitamins can be taken in the form of supplements or by eating the right food…