Home Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Face

What Causes Blackheads?
Blackheads on the skin, which are often referred to as comedones in specialized literature, make the life of many girls and women really miserable. Even though they do not usually get inflamed, painful or cause any physical discomfort, they cause the skin look uncared for or even dirty in some cases.

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Egg Face Mask

Put together one egg white and one tablespoonful of sugar and stir thoroughly until sugar dissolves completely. Spread one-half of this substance on your face and leave it on the skin until it dries up. Then spread the rest of the mask and tap all over the face with your palms and finger tips.

How does it help? While you are tapping your face, a sticky substance is formed between your fingers and facial skin. It starts to extract the blackheads which are clogging the pores. Keep tapping your skin until your fingers do not feel sticky. After that wash off the mask with lukewarm water. Apply moisturizing cream.

This mask will help you to do away with blackheads if you apply it several times a week. For dry skin, it should be used only on the areas affected by blackheads – the nose, part of the forehead and the chin. If your skin is oily, spread the mask all over your face.

Aloe Vera, Lemon Juice & Egg White Mask

There is another effective home remedy for blackheads based on egg white. Put together one egg white, two teaspoons of lemon juice and the same amount of juice strained from aloe leaves. Stir this mixture thoroughly. Cleanse your skin and put half of the mix on the problem areas. Wait for the mask to dry up completely and apply the rest of the mixture. Wash the mask off with lukewarm water after 10 or 15 minutes.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an essential ingredient in a number of home remedies effective for cleansing clogged pores and removing blackheads. However, you must not use it if you have pimples or other inflammations on the skin.

Mix half a teaspoonful of baking soda with the same amount of fine salt. Rinse your skin with warm water (it should be really warm), put some of that mixture on a damp cotton pad and rub very gently on the affected areas. Do not rub hard! Use lukewarm water to rinse your face. Complete the treatment with moisturizing cream.

This cleansing remedy should not be applied more than once a week. You can also make a mixture of baking soda and ground oats or bran instead of salt.

Remove Blackheads with Oatmeal

There is a similar home recipe based on oats. Grind a tablespoonful of oats in a coffee grinder, add a pinch of salt (you can use 3-4 drops of boric acid instead of salt) and some yogurt to make a thick paste. Put the paste on affected areas and leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes. Then roll off the mask with wet fingertips. Rinse your face with lukewarm water.

White Clay Cleansing Mask

White clay mask (caolin) is an effective remedy for blackheads. Add some water to white clay powder and mix it well.  Then spread it over your face. Leave it on for 10-12 minutes.

Rice Based Remedy for Blackheads

You can try rice as a remedy to do away with blackheads. Take two tablespoons of rice, wash it thoroughly with cold water, put in a small pot and pour some boiling water over it. Rice must be covered with water. Leave it overnight. In the morning sieve the rice, mash it and apply as a cleansing mask. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes. This paste can also be used as a homemade face scrub.
By the way, the water which was used to soften rice is a good cleanser for your body, so be sure to drink it.

Yogurt Express-Mask for Blackheads

Yogurt is another remedy for blackheads. It contains acids which dissolve skin oil. Just put some yogurt on your face and rinse it off after 15 minutes or so. It is recommended for oily and combined skin types.

Four Ingredient Scrub

This cleansing scrub is quite effective. It will also help you eliminate blackheads. You will need one teaspoonful of ground oats, half a teaspoonful of fine salt, a teaspoonful of spent coffee grounds (left over after drinking coffee) and the same amount of ground beans. Add half a tablespoonful of sour cream and mix well. Apply this scrub on the areas affected by blackheads.

Soap & Salt Home Remedy for Blackheads

Dampen a cotton pad with hot water and rub it with soap to form a lather. Put a pinch of fine salt over the lather and rub your face very gently with this soapy pad. Work for 1-2 minutes then leave the lather on your face for another couple of minutes. Wash off the soap with warm water, then rinse the skin with cool water. This treatment is especially effective if you soften your face with steam beforehand.
10 minutes after treatment apply disinfecting lotion or Aloe Vera juice on the areas that you have scrubbed.

Shaving Cream is a Good Remedy for Blackheads

Squeeze out about two teaspoons of shaving cream into a small bowl. Add one teaspoonful of hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoonful of lemon juice and a small pinch of fine salt. Mix well and rub very gently on the problem areas. Leave for one or two minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Then rinse with disinfecting lotion and apply moisturizing cream.
This remedy is most effective when used on the skin softened by a steam bath.

Herbal Mask for Blackheads

Mix one tablespoonful of linseed and half tablespoonful of wild chamomile. Grind this mixture in a coffee grinder or crush it in a mortar. Pour over a little boiling water to get a thick substance. Cover with a lid and leave for 30 minutes or so. Cover affected areas with a thick layer of this paste and leave the mask on for 25 minutes. Wash off with warm water, then rinse with cool water.

Aloe Vera Face Lotion

Lotion made from Aloe Vera leaves is an effective remedy for prevention of blackheads. Mix two tablespoons of mashed aloe Vera leaves and a glass of cold water and leave for an hour. Then boil this infusion and let it simmer for another 3 minutes. Remove from fire, cover with a lid and let it cool down completely, then strain through a sieve. Use this lotion every morning, afternoon and evening to wipe the so called T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

How to Soften your Skin with Steam Before Applying Anti-Blackhead Masks

It is highly advisable to soften the skin of your face before using home remedies we have just described. Steam will make your pores open and help to cleanse the skin.

In order to soften up your skin, you should pour scalding water into a bowl or a pot with an infusion of chamomile or linden tree blossom. Cleanse your face and bend your head over the bath. Make sure not to bend too low to avoid burning your face. For a better effect, you may cover your head with a towel. Do not take the steam bath longer than 10-12 minutes. When the pores have opened up, you can start to squeeze out comedons.

Before you start facial treatment, wash your hands and nails and disinfect them with alcohol. To avoid damaging your skin, cut your nails short and wrap clean tissue over your fingertips. While squeezing blackheads, be very careful and do not use excessive force. As a rule, comedones come out quite easily when the skin is softened. If this is not the case and you have to apply too much effort to get them out, you had better try this treatment next time.

WARNING.Steam baths for facial treatment should not be done more than once a week or even less often. If you have dilated facial capillaries, you MUST NOT use steam baths to soften your skin!

When you have finished squeezing out blackheads, wipe the treated areas with a cleansing disinfecting lotion. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for this purpose.

After blackheads have been removed, sebaceous glands become busy filling up the dilated pores with oil as fast as possible. They do it to prevent bacteria penetrating to the deep layers of the skin. This is why it is necessary to apply a skin tightening mask or another pore shrinking remedy immediately after wiping the skin with a disinfecting lotion. Clay mask, egg white and lemon mask and ice cubes are among the most common remedies for this purpose.

Last but not least is moisturizing your skin. You can apply a moisturizing cream or use liquid glycerine with some drops of lemon juice to wipe the skin.

If you remove blackheads with cosmetic plasters, soften your skin over a steam bath before treatment. Again – you shouldn’t do it more often than once a week.

After each facial treatment, it is advisable to wipe the skin with a moisturizing lotion, which is easy to make. Mix two tablespoons of glycerine, four tablespoons of boiled or mineral water and one tablespoonful of lemon juice. This lotion is not only an effective moisturizer, but it also dissolves the blackheads that you failed to remove.


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