Facial Skin Care Tips for Every Day

A female biochemist, nicknamed Marfa who works in Paula Begoun’s company is sharing tips on how to choose cosmetics for at-home skincare. In this article, you will be informed on smart approached towards choosing cosmetics of any brand and any price range. Discover which at-home skin care cosmetics are really necessary for everybody and how to choose cosmetics relying not only on price but on cosmetics composition.

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So, how can cosmetics help us? What to choose in beauty shops?

Rule 1. Cosmetics Should be Kept Only in Tubes or Dispensing Bottles

Expensive brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Estee Lauder cream bottles are packaged so elegantly that they look so splendid spread out on your dressing table.  Although, if they are not in the appropriate packaging; the contents and all the useful components of the products inside can actually be destroyed; due to oxygen influence the majority of products can be oxidized and covered with mold. We can contaminate these products with bacteria simply from our fingers; leaving chances to catch either skin irritation or even dermatitis very high. And don’t mention even spatulas, I had tons of them! A bottle is a relic from the past.

cosmetic jars


Rule 2. Everyone Needs Sunscreen, Regardless of Age and Skin Type

No matter if it is October or December never leave the house without having sunscreen on your skin. Whether you decide to use a moisturizing cream with SPF or a makeup foundation with SPF or a standard sunscreen lotion – any of these are suitable. It’s important that the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of the product you are using, should not be less than 15 SPF, this will be clearly indicated on the packaging.

It is scientifically proven fact that 95% of wrinkles are caused by excessive sun exposure. The same for freckles and dark spots; but nothing of skin cancer as no one is immune to it.

How to Choose a Sunscreen?
Sunscreen is efficient if it consists of the following chemical compounds: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or avobenzone.

sunscreenMexoryl SX and tinosorb are also fundamental components in sunscreen. These components protect us from B-rays, which are also known as quiet killers. They may cause more serious problems than sunburn; these radioactive rays effect us at the molecular level.

If your sunscreen doesn’t contain these components, it can’t be called sun-protective. This is just vaseline – better to apply it on your heels to try to make them softer.

I myself don’t like to feel a sunscreen on my skin, but I know I have to deal with it.
If you have oily skin and this is the worst case, you can apply, for example, sun-protective sprays. First, spray the producy onto your hand, from there apply it on your face.

If you are a fan of mineral powder, you can use it as a sunscreen. But remember that all sunscreens are to be regularly renewed.

By the way, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck and chest area(this is the skin to be constantly exposed to the sun and to grow old faster), on your arms and on all other parts that are exposed to the sun.

Rule 3. Never use Soap for Washing

Not under any circumstances; do not use soap for washing the skin on your face. It dries the skin, leaving a coating on your skin and overall, soap is a product from the past. It’s not a necessity in using designated makeup removers for eyes and lips, you can use a simple water-soluble cleanser for this.

It doesn’t matter at all which cleanser you use, as long as it does the job of cleaning your skin. All the expensive, and exotic ingredients being advertised by companies are applied onto the skin for less than a minute and cannot bring much value or harm to you. Just be sure to use a product that doesn’t contain soap as it will dry your skin.

face washing

Cleansers are widely represented by many brands and all of them are mostly the same. We can recommend, for example, «Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser».

You can use ordinary cleansers by L’Oreal- this brand represents good cleansers for both dry and oily types of skin.

Rule 4. If you have an Oily Skin Type, use a Toner

Toners are not a necessary item among general products, but a desirable and pleasant addition to care – it removes makeup remains, slightly moisturizes and calms the skin.

The brand doesn’t matter so much. When choosing a toner, follow these guidelines – for extremely oily skin, a toner may contain a spirit, for standard oily skin, it contains acid, and for combination skin, you should choose a moisturizing toner.

face toner

There are many natural means for toners, such as diluting apple cider vinegar; which can but put in a spray bottle.

Rule 5. Regularly Implement Acid Peels, if you are Over the Age of 25

Only rather young people (up to 25 max and mostly in environmentally pristine countries) with normal skin have the privilege of having natural skin scaling – skin is renewed on average every 28 days. This process slows down with aging and skin needs some assistance with this.

It’s better to use acid peels for it – not just scrubs with pips but products with AHA (milk and glycolic acids) and BHA (salicylic acid). Apply a small amount of the product to your face with a thick layer (as thick as a thumbnail) and distribute it evenly. Thanks to daily peels, skin can get rid of old layers in order to free space for new skin.

At-home peels in no way can substitute salon procedures because you will not be able to use the acids of necessary concentration in home conditions – such acids are not available for sale as women have claimed to have had burnt their faces. During salon procedures, many more layers are peeled off. By peeling off layers we urge the skin to be protective and to produce faster new collagen and elastane responsible for skin suppleness and elasticity or, in other words, for skin youth and health.

acid pilling procedure

How to a Choose Peel for At-Home
Products with AHA (milk and glycolic acids) and BHA (salicylic acid) peel the skin off effectively if their pH factor is from 3 up to 4 and they don’t contain alcohol which can irritate the skin too much. The most effective concentration of AHA and BHA for home peeling is 5-10% and 1-2% respectively. Salon peels are much stronger.

AHA and BHA can be the components for one and the same product if the concentration of one of them is moderate, as they are designated for the different skin types. AHA is better for dry skin, BHA is better for oily skin with dark spots and it’s best to interchange both types for combination skin.

Peels are normally used from twice a day up to once a week for young smooth skin (before 25). Don’t forget to apply a cream with SPF after peeling as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

Rule 6. Retinol Creams are Mandatory for use After 30 Years

There was an article in a magazine where one cosmetologist claimed that she would recognize women who used retinol products from the other corner of a room – so big and obvious the difference is.

So, why is retinol so important? It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastane, it makes our skin lift up in the excavations created by wrinkles. In other words, retinol cosmetics is our salvation!

If you are getting on in your years of age and would like to acquire a really effective cream, it should contain retinol as one of its components. There are many of these products available. You will be able to find creams ranging in prices on the internet.

retinol cream on face


For example, Diminish Estee Lauder (at 80 $), night creams, refinishers and all other products of a French brand ROC (at 20-30 $) or simple retinoic anti-blackheads ointment (yes, it’s not a mistake, in the case of blackheads, skin needs to be peeled off as well in order to produce collagen).

Start with products of small retinol concentrations. Don’t forget to apply an SPF cream while using retinol products. Especially if it is a whitening cream, always remember even the best fairness cream for oily skin should be with SPF in your case.

Rule 7. Don’t Overdo Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is a gradual peeling of the dark parts of your skin. In the result, dark spots and areas are replaced by the new fare skin. This is a multistage process –and with each stage, the skin is getting lighter and lighter.
What components influence lightening the skin? In general, two ingredients can stop or make the melanin production process slower – hydroquinone and retinol. If they are combined, they work more efficiently.

Usually, hydroquinone concentration in cosmetics is up to 2% but a dermatologist can prescribe an ointment with higher concentration (up to 4 %). Don’t be shy to visit a doctor or a beauty salon. The best creams for skin whitening are not less efficient than laser or peeling, but less harsh. There are a lot of creams with hydroquinone on sale – just read the label. All of them are equally efficient. You can choose it based on your preferences and desirable price range.

skin lightening

Apart from the above-mentioned products, home remedies for fair skin are still popular, and they do work.

Any lightening procedures are best to do at night. As this is completely new skin, it should be properly taken care of. It will extremely sensitive to sun exposure. During the procedures of lightning; the daylight cream you are applying should contain not less than 30 SPF.

Rule 8. If you Prefer Expensive Cosmetics, use Skin Refinishers

Expensive skin care means, first of all, applying concentrated skin refinishers with vitamins and antioxidants.
Refinishers are lighter than creams thanks to the higher concentration of silicon, vitamins, and antioxidants. For oily skin a refinisher can substitute a cream with one caution; a refinisher never contains an SPF and that is very critical for your skin during daylight.


Refinishers normally cost more than creams because of high-priced vitamins and antioxidants. You can use different refinishers of different brands and of different compositions to give your skin as many benefits as possible, by rotating them or using as a 28-day course each. Don’t save expenditures for skin refinishers.

Refinishers are applied both in the morning and evenings, as a makeup base and alone (only in the evening, due to lack of SPF). In young years –up to 25- it is not necessary to apply them every day, but twice a week.

If after you apply the refinisher you feel an extreme tightness, use any moisturizer additionally.

Rule 9. Take Care of all Exposed Skin as you do on your Face

When it comes to self-care, it is found out that many women ignore body care just because of a shortage of time. Nevertheless, don’t forget that the neck and hands give a woman’s age away.

That’s way, many 40-year-old women have a well-cared facial skin but their hands and neck contain dark spots and the lack of elasticity in skin show their real age.

Let’s talk about body care because your body, as well as your face, needs cleansing, peeling, moisturizing and protection.

How to cleanse body? Cleansing means washing but not with soap because soap dries and leaves a coating on your skin. Bath and shower gels, as well as shampoos, will suit perfectly for washing.
The brand nor price matters here because these products remain on your skin for a short period of time and they cannot enrich you with those exotic components that are widely acclaimed by marketing managers promoting a regular super product.

body skin care

The neck and lower neck are the areas which attract attention just after the face. That’s why, they need the same treatment as the face – toners, peels, masks, and creams; including sunscreen.
If the lower neck skin is blemished by the sun with dark spots or wrinkles, apply retinol products. If needed, lightening of the dark spots is to be done by means of hydroquinone products.

Hands. They are always in public eye and show how well-cared a woman is.
The skin of our hands is influenced daily by various detergents and cleaners, by the sun and the wind and so on. These dry the skin out resulting in it becoming more course and darker. This is why a moisturizer rich in oil for your hands is not a piece of luxury but a prime necessity. Every woman who respects herself should have it on her dressing table.
Neither brand nor price matters here, because the main components are glycerin and lanolin. No matter which brand you acquire, all products with these ingredients will have one and the same effect.
During daylight your hands’ plea for a sunscreen.

Recommendation: Buy 2 sunscreens:the best and most expensive; use for your face, neck and low neck and another, much cheaper, for hands, legs and all other parts that are exposed to the sun ( ideally all your body should be covered by sunscreen because clothes don’t protect you from killing rays).

Nowadays many brands produce reasonably priced hand creams with SPF (e.g. Neutrogena, Olay). You’d better keep a tube at work to be able to apply it before you leave.

Elbows, heels, knees. The skin here is more coarse and drier than on the rest of your body, that’s why it’s important to peel it off with the help of exfoliants containing 2 % salicylic acid (BHA) and to apply a good oily product, perhaps even a kind of balsam.

Rule 10. Don’t Buy Shampoos for More than 5$, But Don’t Ignore Hair Conditioners

Just believe it – hair is non-living substance.
Everything that is growing on the surface of our body – nails, teeth, hair –cannot be changed. If a nail is broken, you have to wait till a new one grows. If a tooth aches, go to the dentist.

Your hair can look worse or better, depending on the shampoo you are using. If it has more silicon, hair shines because silicon envelops it with a thick film, hair cuticles are closed and that is the secret of good-looking hair.
If hair is washed with shampoo, it leaves a coating and the hair can become dull, and static.

hair shampooHair condition depends not on a shampoo but on a balsam-conditioner. The main purpose of a shampoo is to get rid of oil and dirt, washing the hair.

To Summarize:
– Shampoos that cost higher than 5$ are nonsense.
– Don’t save money on conditioners. It’s not necessarily to stick to foreign brands, they are not better than the others. If you have a limited budget, just buy an ordinary conditioner produced locally.

Rule 11. Don’t Look for a Harmless Hair-Dye – They Don’t Exist

Hair-dyes destroy the hair pigment by replacing it with its own coloring pigment.

If a hair-dye is resisting, coloring pigment will be on hair for 3 months, if not (e.g. in color foam and others; such hair dyes are not sold in the USA, by the way) – for one week or till the first washing.
Which color is the less harsh? Is there an option that will not destroy hair pigment? But in this case, the color will not work.

hair dyeing

The answer is evident – all colors are the same and none of them (except the natural ones such as henna and basma) can be useful for your hair.

How to Repair the Hair after Dying?
Use various masks. You can apply balsams-conditioners as they act as masks if you leave them on the hair for a more extensive amount of time.

Apply leave-in conditioner; you don’t wash them out after applying them to your hair. They hold the silicon film much stronger, however, the hair becomes dirty faster.

So, choose whatever is suitable for you. From time to time, try oil hair masks – your strands will absorb the oil and become beautifully silky.


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