Facial Skin Care Tips for Every Day

A female biochemist, nicknamed Marfa who works in Paula Begoun’s company is sharing tips on how to choose cosmetics for at-home skincare. In this article, you will be informed on smart approached towards choosing cosmetics of any brand and any price range. Discover which at-home skin care cosmetics are really necessary for everybody and how to choose cosmetics relying not only on price but on cosmetics composition.

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So, how can cosmetics help us? What to choose in beauty shops?

Rule 1. Cosmetics Should be Kept Only in Tubes or Dispensing Bottles

Expensive brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Estee Lauder cream bottles are packaged so elegantly that they look so splendid spread out on your dressing table.  Although, if they are not in the appropriate packaging; the contents and all the useful components of the products inside can actually be destroyed; due to oxygen influence the majority of products can be oxidized and covered with mold. We can contaminate these products with bacteria simply from our fingers; leaving chances to catch either skin irritation or even dermatitis very high. And don’t mention even spatulas, I had tons of them! A bottle is a relic from the past.

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