How to Remove Facial Hair: 5 Effective Methods

5 methods of hair removal

Everyone has facial hair that is hardly visible invisible and doesn’t cause any problems. However, if it becomes darker or longer than normal, it’s a normal response for women to want to remove it. It’s possible to get rid of facial hair naturally but to get rid of facial hair permanently requires advanced technology and is necessary to undergo a series of treatments to to get the permanent effect, but the results will definitely be worth it in the end.

Many women want to know the best upper lip hair removal method but one single method is not suitable for each and every person because everyone has different characteristics. Natural methods like using sugar wax or remedies with honey remove hair from the root so with continuous application the hairs will become sparser and fewer overall but it’s not clear whether it’s possible to remove facial hair permanently with honey or sugar wax but it’s definate that there will be a noticable reduction in the amount and the thickness of the hair and it’s definitely a better option than shaving or using hair removal cream! If by now you have come across the problem how to remove unwanted facial hair, you have probably considered shaving or depilation cream. Unfortunately, these obvious methods are no good, because:

  • Shaving increases the amount of face hair dramatically also making it become thick and coarse, like stubble on a man’s face.
  • Refrain from buying shaving cream. Even though it makes shaving convenient and painless, it may cause skin irritation, and it will make your face hair even darker and thicker.

In this article, we are going to determine the best methods to remove facial hair, as follows:

  1. Natural Methods: Sugar and Wax
  2. Laser Epilation
  3. IPL
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide
  5. Plucking

Let’s have a closer look at each one.

Natural Methods

This facial hair removal approach involves remedies composed of wax, resins, and other natural ingredients.

This method will help you to get rid of unwanted hair on virtually any area of your body. There are two kinds of natural removal: sugaring and waxing, i.e. depilation with cold, warm or hot wax.

Natural facial hair removalTips

To get rid of facial hair naturally and permanently, you can use a sugary paste, wax or photo-resin. DIY it is normally done with wax strips. This kind of depilation is suitable for both women and men with sensitive skin. If depilation is done regularly, the hair follicle will become damaged and the hair can stop growing completely. The follicle will eventually deteriorate and it will become light, soft and less visible and will grow much slower.

Waxing will only be effective if the hair length is at least 3-4 mm.

There are special skin soothing and anti-inflammatory remedies that should be applied before and after facial waxing.


  • Organic and eco-friendly materials
  • Suitable for do-it-yourself depilation
  • Sustainable effect lasting for up to several weeks
  • Economical


  • Treatment may be painful
  • There may be skin irritation on the waxed area
  • If this kind of treatment is done frequently, there’s a risk of ingrown hairs


  • All sorts of skin disorders and diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Varicosity (large vein) in the area to be treated
  • Infections
  • Herpes

How to Remove Facial Hair Permanently with a Laser

It is difficult to remove facial hair permanently, because your face is visible at all times, so such things as inflammation, stubble or black spots are unacceptable. This is the reason why such methods as shaving or depilation cream are regarded as inadequate.

The laser does not cause skin irritation, while each treatment makes facial hair lighter and thinner.  It’s possible to get rid of get rid of facial hair permanently, if you take a course of laser treatment, you will be able to forget about constant hair removal.

Recently, laser treatment has become popular among men. Members of the sterner sex have been giving preference to laser depilation because it saves their time and helps them avoid after-shave skin irritation.

Laser facial hair removal procedure

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is performed with a device called laser epilator. The most popular types of lasers are:

  • Alexandrite
  • Ruby crystal laser
  • Diode laser
  • Neodymium laser

These types of laser have different depths of penetration since they emit different wavelengths, measured in nanometres (nm). Ruby crystal laser has the shortest wavelength (694 nm). Alexandrite laser has longer waves of 755 nm with a higher impulse frequency. These types of lasers affect the upper layer of the skin. For this reason, they are not used on dark or tanned skin to avoid skin injuries.

The Diode laser with a wavelength of 810 nm is considered safe for such skin type. Neodymium laser, which has a wavelength of 1064 nm and whose impulses have a shorter effect, is able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin and is usually used for facial hair removal.

During the removal procedure, the area which is being treated is continuously cooled, in order to avoid unpleasant sensations. When super sensitive areas are being treated, they can be typically numbed with a special anesthetic cream.

There are different types of laser systems which are used for different photo types of skin and hair. Unfortunately, laser is not effective on blonde, fair, gray hair or peach fuzz. Natural blondes will have to find another method.


  • Laser facial hair removal procedure takes from two minutes to two hours, depending on how many zones are treated.
  • There are no scars or burns on the skin after laser.
  • The skin becomes silky, smooth and tight.
  • The laser does not cause any side effects or inflammations. It does not disturb pigmentation.


  • Unfortunately, for dark-complexioned women, as well as for fair and red haired women, laser is not suitable. The quality of follicle degradation depends on the amount of melanin. The darker your hair, the more effective is laser procedure. If the skin is tanned or naturally dark, the laser will burn the melanin in your skin cells as too. Also, you will have to stay away from the sun for at least 6 months during treatment.
  • Effective as it is, laser facial hair removal is quite pricey. A single treatment costs quite a lot, but you need at least 4 sessions with two month intervals. The cost of one treatment depends on the number of flashes.


  • Acute and chronic skin conditions
  • Malignant neoplasms of the skin
  • Pregnancy
  • Under the age of 16 years old
  • Severe hypertension or ischemia

Permanent IPL Facial Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) procedures involve the destruction of hair follicles by means of a selective thermal reaction providing another way to get rid of facial hair permanently. Photo-rays only affect its structure and do not harm the adjacent tissue.

IPL facial hair removing procedureIPL Hair Removal Review

The IPL procedure involves several steps. First, a specialist will apply gel onto your skin. This gel will protect your skin when it is treated with the instrument producing flashes. When the IPL procedure is completed, the protective gel is removed with a tissue. One IPL session involves several dozens of flashes. One flash is enough to treat up to 5cm² of your skin, i.e. to remove several hairs at a time.


  1. It should be no surprise that IPL hair removal is the most popular and sought kind of treatment.
  2. IPL removal is considered the safest method of removing unwanted hair on the face. During the procedure, the patient does not run the risk of getting cut, like shaving, or getting chemical burns, which are not uncommon with the use of special depilation creams.
  3. The procedure is absolutely painless. Also, it improves the condition of your skin and makes it firm and youthful. In many cases, the aim of this procedure is skin rejuvenation, this effect is due to the active production of collagen and elastin caused by the rays.
  4. After having the course of IPL procedures, you will forget about annoying facial hair. It also works for dark-haired girls.


However, this remarkable method is not without a disadvantage.

  1. IPL is only suitable for dark hair. Photo-rays do not affect fair or blonde hair. Same goes for those with gray hair.
  2. IPL treatment is considered harmless for the skin. However, excessive use of IPL rays may result in skin irritation. For this reason, it should not be done more often than once every two or three months.
  3. IPL procedure must by no means be done after recent tanning. After this kind of treatment, redness or swelling of the treated areas may occur. These symptoms are quite common and will disappear after a couple of days.


A number of diseases are contraindicative for the use of IPL epilators. You should refrain from having this kind of treatment if you have:

  • Skin diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and suchlike.
  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Oncology disease
  • Ischaemia

Girls under 17 years old and pregnant women should refrain from having IPL hair removal procedures. Also, it is essential that IPL treatment is done by an experienced professional familiar with the procedure.

Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Bleaching

Hydrogen peroxide has a dual effect. First, hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair. This effect is caused by its ability to enter into reaction with the air. As a result of oxidation, pigment becomes colorless.

In addition, hydrogen peroxide weakens and destroys hair follicles. So it eventually becomes weak and falls out. If you manage to damage the follicles, you will prevent subsequent hair growth. You should bear in mind that the concentration of this chemical needed for hair removal does not exceed 5 or 10% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and for lightening make hydrogen peroxide less concentrated.

Hydrogen peroxide for facial hair lightening and removal

Facial Hair Bleaching

Even though hydrogen peroxide is a widely used medical substance, one has to bear in mind that its misuse may be harmful. Failure to follow recommendations or using the wrong concentration may cause severe skin irritation. This is especially relevant for sensitive skin types.

The safety recommendations listed below are especially important to follow:

  1. Do not exceed recommended dosage or duration of treatment.
  2. Do not use high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. 30% concentration will cause serious skin burns.
  3. Before starting depilation, test your skin reaction by applying hydrogen peroxide on the skin of your wrist.
  4. After application, apply some nourishing and moisturizing cream on the treated areas.
  5. Do not use metal containers for preparing hydrogen peroxide based mixture.

Does it work?

Hydrogen peroxide procedures require a lot of persistence and commitment because you will only see the result after multiple and regular applications. Fair-haired women have an advantage because blonde and fair hair is more easily damaged.

Hydrogen peroxide can be applied on hair either selectively or over larger areas. Use cotton pads or cotton buds for application.

The procedure is normally done in two stages. Apply some hydrogen peroxide on the hair you need to remove and wait for it to dry up. Then do the same again. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water after 20-25 minutes.


  • Hydrogen peroxide is very cheap
  • This method is time proven
  • Hydrogen peroxide hair lightening is absolutely painless!
  • Infection is unlikely
  • It has a perfect skin lightening effect


  • There is a possibility of skin burns
  • There is a possibility of allergic reaction
  • Dark-haired ladies will need longer to get a visible result

Plucking Facial Hair: Simplest At-Home Method

Plucking facial hair with tweezers is a good solution if you only need to remove a few hairs from a small area. Plucking is convenient for:

  • Shaping your eyebrows
  • Removing individual hairs from chin and upper lip

Facial hair plucking procedureHow to do this?

Plucking facial hair with tweezers is really simple. You only need to grab it as near the root as possible and pull sharply. You can remove hairs one by one or several at a time. If you grab it in the middle or at the end, there may be a tiny bleeding wound, that will take some time to heal.

When plucking nose hair or upper lip frequently, the growth in the area will slow down and will be noticeably slower after three or four weeks of regular plucking.


  • Availability
  • Comes at no cost
  • Minimum contraindications
  • Effective way of removing unwanted hair regardless of its color, structure, length or thickness,
  • Growth slowdown due to damaged follicle


  • Painful
  • Careless plucking may cause tiny wounds
  • Ingrown hairs are possible

As you can see, there are a number of ways to remove unwanted facial hair. Each girl should make her own decision about which method is best for her. Keep in mind:

What worked well for a friend or your mother, may not be the best option for you so always consider your own individual characteristics.

Whichever method you have chosen, test it on a small area of skin first and monitor your reaction. Wishing you beautiful healthy skin free of unwanted hair!

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