How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Acne on the back, which is sometimes referred to as “bacne”, is an annoying blemish. It can make your life miserable, especially if you are a girl and cannot wear open back tops because you have pimples. In this article, we are going to discuss what causes back acne and the ways of removing them.

how to get rid back acne


  1. What causes pimples on your back
  2. Advice on how to get rid of pimples
  3. How to get rid of pimples on the back and shoulders at home
  4. Medical remedies for acne

What Causes Pimples on Your Back?

  1. Excessive activity of sebaceous glands. Your pores get clogged by skin oil. As a result, comedones emerge. The skin stops breathing properly, it becomes bumpy and rough. When bacteria penetrate the clogged pores, inflammations occur.
  2. Genetic heredity is another possible cause. Numerous pimples on the back may be due to inherited disorder of the pores and impairment of skin cleansing function.
  3. Synthetic clothes. A lot of clothes nowadays are made of man-made materials such as acrylic or polyester fiber. These materials prevent the skin from breathing properly. As a result, the skin accumulates sweat, dirt and excessive skin oil, and eventually, your pores become clogged. Very tight clothes produce a similarly negative effect. Friction and pressure caused by tight clothes impair hydro and thermal exchange of the skin.
  4. The impact of stress. Nervous tension affects the production of hormones which are responsible for the work of sebaceous glands.
  5. Puberty. The increase in the production of hormones, which is typical during this period, causes the pores to dilate and sebaceous glands to produce excessive amounts of oil. This condition leads to the emergence of acne.
  6. Lack of vitamins. For example, vitamin B5 deficiency may lead to long term inflammations on the skin.
  7. Frequent and rough peeling. Some young people think that the skin on their back and shoulders is tough and not easily damaged. They injure it by incessant chemical and mechanical treatments. You try to remove pimples but destroy your epidermis tissue instead. As a result, your skin loses its natural protection and the number of pimples increases with a vengeance.

In some cases, pimple breakouts on the back and shoulders may signal serious health problems.

  • People with intercostal neuralgia may have pimples and inflammations on the skin over the ribs.
  • Some spine diseases may cause outbreaks of pimples along the backbone.
  • Pathology of the urinary system may also manifest itself in skin problems.
  • Changes in the endocrine profile caused by endocrinology problems also lead to excessive sebum production and outbreaks of pimples.
  • Malfunction of the digestive tract results in intoxication. When your body is struggling to get rid of toxins, your skin gets involved in the process and gets points of infection.
  • Malfunction of the liver due to smoking and alcohol abuse.

Recommendations on Eliminating Pimples

Getting rid of pimples on the back and shoulders is far less simple than it may seem because they are big, painful and difficult to remove. The skin on the back and shoulders is thicker than facial skin. Inflamed pimples are in constant contact with your clothes, which makes the situation even worse. If your condition is really serious, you had better see the doctor. You may need serious and potent medication.

back acne wrapings

Still, there are some things that you yourself can do:

  1. Wear natural materials, such as linen, cotton, silk or viscose. Avoid hard shoulder straps. These measures will help you lessen the skin irritation and slow down the emergence of new inflammations. Itching and redness will disappear.
  2. Take proper care of your body skin.
  3. When you are having a shower, it is essential that you wash your hair first, and then the body. The logic behind this recommendation is simple: shampoo may cause clogging of the pores.
  4. Your shower puff must be neither too hard, nor too soft. It must serve its purpose of cleansing your skin. Again, it should be made of a natural material.
  5. Do not use a pumice stone or other hard materials on problem areas. By doing so, you may damage your skin and spread infection.
  6. Avoid using massage oils. They are not for you at all, because they clog the pores and deteriorate the condition of the inflamed skin.
  7. Start taking multivitamin supplements and brewers’ yeast. Make sure that you do not exceed recommended dosage and consider the compatibility of medicines.

How to Get Rid of Back and Shoulder Pimples at Home

If you favor inexpensive methods of treatment and would like to deal with your acne at home, try the following remedies.

  1. Use 3% hydrogen dioxide to treat problem areas regularly
  2. Salicylic acid can be applied daily
  3. Sea salt baths. Salt will energize and disinfect your skin and make it firm and supple.
  4. Wipe affected areas with marigold tincture twice daily
  5. Review your diet. Give up fatty, fried, sweet and refined food. Eat more fiber and fresh fruit and vegetables.
  6. Avoid stress whenever you can.

Additionally, you can use masks

Laundry Soda Mask 1

This is a highly effective remedy when you need to remove small pimples from your back. Soda based masks are easily available and easy to make. This is why they are popular among people who need to get rid of acne. To prepare this remedy you only need soda, water, and soap.

Mix up all the ingredients to make a homogeneous substance. Soften your skin with steam or warm water before you apply the mask. Use a cotton pad to apply it on affected areas. Do not rub. Lie down on your stomach and relax. After ten minutes wash off the mask with warm water and apply healing cream. This remedy is not recommended more often than twice a week. Soda and soap mask is a good remedy to dry up red spots, but it is not recommended for mature or broken pimples or for advanced stages of acne. In severe cases, you had better use special applications prescribed by a dermatologist.

Sea Salt and Healing Clay Mask

Take a big bowl of water and put some sea salt in it. When salt has dissolved completely, add clay to make a slurry. Apply it on the affected areas of your back and shoulders and leave for a quarter of an hour. Wash off with warm water.

Attention! Do not pop pimples on your back. If you do, you will get infection deep under your skin and make it even more difficult to deal with. If your acne does not go and your skin condition is becoming worse, see a dermatologist and your family doctor. They will have your blood tested and assign therapy. It may happen that your pimples signal some internal health problem. You will also get recommendations on how to prevent further breakouts.

Medication for Acne

There is a large choice of medicines for acne nowadays, the most popular being:

  1. Adaclene
  2. Clincetop
  3. Oxigel
  4. Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  5. BoroFresh Ayushakti
  6. Zink ointment

BoroFresh Ayushakti is considered one of the best remedies for acne. It removes the pimples, puts out inflammation, and prevents dark spots and scars on the back.

For severe conditions, Cliran Zink Gel may be prescribed. It has powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and regenerating properties. This medicine will remove inflammation, dry up the pimples and eventually remove them completely. Cliran Zink Gel is used to wash wounds and small ulcers or for applications on abscesses.

Zink is a time proven remedy. It is based on zinc oxide, which removes redness and irritation and dries up abscesses. This ointment has potent anti-inflammatory properties. However, the maximum duration of treatment with zinc must not take more than 21 days. Apply a thick layer of zinc ointment on your back skin once a day. Use a paper tissue and remove all residue from your skin very thoroughly after 40 minutes

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