6 Myths About Cosmetics: How the Manufacturers of Beauty Products Deceive Us

Introducing you to Paula who is a chemist, makeup artist, cosmetologist; she has worked in several different cosmetics companies and has been fired from them multiple times for telling clients the truth about beauty products. Later she created her own cosmetics testing center, and now one of her goals is to educate people about cosmetics and personal care.
Hereafter – direct author’s speech.

truth about cosmetics

Here, in Paula’s team, we select and recommend beauty products based only on a scientific viewpoint. We are realists, and we don’t believe in magical natural remedies and wonders (like if you wash your face only with a rose decoction, you will look 20 in your 60’s).

We also know that cosmetic products, with rare exceptions (like retinol, for example), are unable to alter your skin, they only change the appearance (like makeup) or soften, moisturize and lighten your skin. Which is why it is impossible to get rid of expression lines (only Botox and such will help here), skin sagging (jowl and double chin can be lifted only surgically) and nasolabial folds (which can be reduced only with fillers) with a help of cosmetics.

Beauty products can help you not have non-expression wrinkles and age spots and acne, peeling a skin and other cosmetic imperfections. So, more to the point, don’t kid yourself and save up money for massages, functional procedures and plastic surgery instead of spending it on cosmetics (it’s just advice, girls, not ordering you to do so).

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